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  • Critical Pooka Pets update for iTouch 4th Gen users

    Since releasing Pooka Pets a few weeks ago, we have had several reports that the app has been crashing for iTouch 4th Gen users. The problem had to do with the app pushing the limits on memory usage on this older, lower-memory device. The good news

  • Pooka Pets is Live on the App Store!

    Hey everyone it’s finally here! The Pooka Pets dress-up game is on the iOS app store, with an Android release soon to follow. In this first release you’ll be able to customize your Pooka’s color, add patterns, change their hair

  • Fan X – Thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks to everyone who came out and made Fan X such a fantastic event! We here at Pokey Toad were blown away by all the great comments and feedback everyone had–not to mention the awesome costumes and fancy footwork.  Pooka

  • To Do List Tuesday

    To keep track of keeping on track, here’s a list of Pokey Toad’s Pooka Pets goals for the week. This week we’re focusing on the tutorial mode for new players, which includes programming for specific, scripted objectives and tying in